Binocular Observing

There is a great deal to be seen in the night sky using nothing more than a pair of binoculars. The difficulty is knowing what you can see at any time.

Phil Harrington has been observing the night sky through binoculars for over 40 years. Each month he writes a column for the Cloudy Nights website detailing some of the best things to see with binoculars. Even better he provides a map showing you where to find these objects. His articles can be read online or downloaded and printed out so you can take them outside with you.

So, if like me you like observing with binoculars, you should look at Phil’s recommendations early each month. If you want to see what can be seen this month click here and scroll down to the relevant file.  Just remember he is an American so the dates read month/day/year.

If you want some extra targets to train your binoculars on look at his articles for this month in previous years.