Awayday 2017

The awayday this year was held on 18th and 20th September. We decided this year to go a bit further afield than usual to a Starlight designated area just south of Terual in Aragon. We stayed at a small hotel called Masia de Torre, who couldn’t have been more accommodating for the group. We filled all the rooms in the hotel. The facilities were perfect for us, with a good selection of observing locations, a large meeting room where we could store out equipment as well as hold meetings and talks. There was also plenty to do during the day at nearby villages and towns.

We had selected dates when the moon would not be a problem, so that we could experience the best dark sky. The first night did not disappoint with a lovely clear sky where the milky way was quite clearly visible. We enjoyed looking at the deep sky objects that would normally not be easily visible from Denia. Everyone enjoyed the evening. The second night however was much cloudier with just the odd patch of clear sky. However after a good dinner, and company no one was too disappointed. Overall the trip was very enjoyable and successful with everyone who participated expressing the desire to return.

Below are a few of the pictures we took of the event. If you wish to see them in a larger format, double click on any picture and you can then page through them in a larger format.

Hotel and viewing area 


Group quiz and dinner

On the second evening, the group had a fun quiz and dinner together in the hotel dining room, before the planned observing.