Awayday 2018

The awayday this year was held on 2nd to 4th October. As we had such a good time last year, we decided to return to the Starlight designated area just south of Terual in Aragon. We stayed at a small hotel called Masia de Torre near the village of Mora de Rubielos. As last year they couldn’t have been more accommodating for the group. This year we organised a couple of day time trips using a local guide: one to a dam area and the other to see the feeding of a colony of Griffen vultures. Both of these were highly enjoyable.

We had selected dates when the moon would not be a problem, so that we could experience the best dark sky. This year both nights were great for viewing. No clouds, no humidity and a great view of the milky way. We had a few astro imagers along this year, with some impressive equipment, who enjoyed the novelty of a dark sky.  Everyone enjoyed the trip, with great food, location and company, another successful awayday.

Below are a few of the pictures we took of the event. If you wish to see them in a larger format, double click on any picture and you can then page through them in a larger format.

The results of the astro photogrpahy from the night can be seen in the ‘Gallery’ part of this website.

The observing 


Group dinner

On the second evening, the group  dinner together in the hotel dining room, before the planned observing.


Trip to dam 

One of the day time activities was a trip to a local dam. We were hoping to see some Iberian Ibex’s but were disappointed that they weren’t around. It was however a pretty area and we enjoyed the walk.


Vulture feeding viewing

Our second excursion was to view a colony of vultures feeding. It was very interesting to be able to view the birds at close quarters and see so many of them.