Astro Gallery

All pictures shown here have been taken by members of our society. We hope you enjoy them. If you want to see them in a larger format, please click on one and you will be able to scroll through the larger format. You will also be able to see any details of how they were taken in some text below the photograph.


The following images were taken during the September 2015 Lunar eclipse and Supermoon. Tom’s image is of the Supermoon before the eclipse started and Eric’s 3 images are at different stages of the eclipse. We had a violent thunderstorm in progress here in Spain during the eclipse, so it was only possible to take a few images in between the thunderclouds.

The following images were taken during the Mercury transit of 2016. The skies in Denia were somewhat cloudy on the day, so we weren’t able to get a lot of good clear shots. Here are a few :-

The following images were taken during the Total solar eclipse in the United States on August 21st 2017. They were taken from Hendersonville near Nashville Tennessee by David Ord with a Canon DSLR camera

The following image of the moon was taken by Kieron Boost in May 2018

The following image was taken by David Ord on May 17th showing a close conjunction of a new moon and Jupiter