Public events

Visit of Dr. Martin Barstow

We are pleased to announce that our next professional astronomer who has accepted our invitation to give a public talk in Denia is Dr. Martin Barstow.

Martin is shown here on the left welcoming Astronaut Charlie Duke,  the 16th man to walk on the moon, to Leicester university.

Martin will be giving his public talk on

Saturday 23rd September at the Denia Casa De Cultura at 7 p.m.

Martin is an ex-president of the Royal Astronomical society following such esteemed company as Herschel, Jocelyn Bell (discoverer of Pulsars), Sir Arthur Eddington and Sir Martin Rees.

He is currently Professor of Astrophysics and Space Science, at the Department of Physics & Astronomy, University of Leicester specializing in the study of White Dwarf stars and director of the Leicester Institute of Space and Earth observation. He has a lot of experience in communicating within and outside of the science community, so we are very much looking forward to an interesting talk.

The Title of his talk is “What has space done for us”. I will ask him for a short summary of his talk at a later date.