Public events

Visit of Dr. Zita Martins 

We are pleased to announce that our next visiting professional astronomer will be Dr. Zita Martins of the Imperial College London.

Dr. Martins is an astrobiologist originally from Portugal. She will be giving a talk open to the general public on

Saturday 13th May 2017 

At : The casa de Cultura in Denia 

Starting at 19:00 

Her talk is entitled “The origin and detection of life in our solar system”. She describes the talk as follows :-

“Two scientific questions remain without an answer: “How did life originate on Earth?” and “Is there life somewhere else in our solar system?”. It is currently accepted that life evolved from simple organic molecules into self-replicating organisms. I will be talking about the different sources that provided the first organic molecules to the primitive Earth, just before life originated in our planet. These include exogenous sources such as comets, asteroids and meteorites, which bombarded the Earth 4.6 to 3.8 billion years ago. Life may have also originated in other parts of our solar system. I will discuss how future space missions will detect signatures of potential extra-terrestrial life in our solar system.”