Observing Sessions

Our next big astronomical event following the recent lunar eclipse, is the annual Perseid meter shower which peaks on the night of 12th August into the 13th August. The moon is new this year, so will not interfere with seeing the meteors, so we have decided to gather together with the Spanish astronomy group to observe them. We have  decided to  go to the picnic area of the Cap de St. Antonio on the Montgo between Denia and Javea.

We do not need to arrive before it gets dark at around 9:30 p.m. but please feel free to come earlier if you would like to enjoy the picnic area. You can bring along food and drink to have during the evening and I would suggest bringing something to lie or recline on for the actual meteor viewing, as well as some insect repellent. Please note : no barbecue fires are allowed as the risk of wild fires is too great.

For any newcomers who haven’t observed a meteor shower before, you don’t need any special equipment like telescopes or binoculars, as the meteors move too fast to follow with these. You just need good peripheral vision and some patience. The forecasts are for 60-70 meteors per hour at it’s peak,  but seasoned observers will know that these figures are for dark skies under perfect conditions. We won’t see that many, but it should nevertheless be a good display. If anyone wants to bring their telescopes, please feel free, as the 4 major planets are still in the sky and looking good with Mars and Saturn being close to their opposition dates, but the main purpose of the evening is to watch the meteors.

For more information about the shower and what it actually is, there is an article here https://www.space.com/32868-perseid-meteor-shower-guide.html

Friends and neighbours are welcome.