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Astrofest 2014 – Session 2

The second session started with a talk by Mark McCaughrean of the European Space Agency on ESA’s Space Science programme. Is there water under the surface of Mars? What does the Milky Way look like in 3D? What is the … Continue reading

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Rosetta wakes up

By David A. Ord …..  Rosetta awoke, but only after an additional snooze! Many nervous people at ESA control centre in Darmstadt were made to wait an additional almost 18, nail-biting minutes before Rosetta decided to indicate that it was … Continue reading

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Astrofest 2014 Session 1

Astrofest 2014 kicked off this morning with four talks the first on The Year of the Aurora, the second on the Voyager mission, the third on measuring gravity in the solar system and the fourth on exoplanets. The talk on … Continue reading

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