The October meeting was given a further update on the progress of this project.

Further progress has been made on staging the FETTSS exhibition. Agreement has been reached to run the exhibition at Portal de La Marina Shopping centre during the first week in December. The details are here.

The centre have offered us the use of the cinema in the mornings and we plan to run a DVD expanding on the planets and their moons.

We are close to finalising the selection of pictures for the display and are now focusing on raising money to stage the exhibition. We are looking for sponsors for the exhibition as well as sponsors for the individual pictures. The cost of printing the pictures will be 100 Euros each for the large pictures of the Sun and Planets and 50 Euros each for the smaller ones of the moons. This is the sponsorship price we are looking for.

The Next Steps

For the exhibition to go ahead we now urgently need to raise the finance for it over the next 6 weeks. We estimate that the total cost of the full exhibition will be in the order of 2,000 Euros. We are currently approaching the shops in the Shopping Centre to see whether any of them would like to sponsor the exhibition as a whole or specific pictures.

However we need everybody’s help in this. Do you know any business, group or individual who might be willing to offer sponsorship of 50 or 100 Euros or more. For those who sponsor a picture their name or company name will appear on the exhibit they sponsor. If you can raise any sponsorship, or indeed want to sponsor a picture yourself, please let Christine know.

Finally on the question of the exhibition itself. Although the exhibition will be designed so that it does not need people there all of the time we would like to have people there for a few hours each day so that there is somebody for anybody who is interested to talk to. The Spanish Group have offered to help, and we will take them up on this, but it would great if any of you could offer an hour or two of your time to help staff the exhibition and the video sessions. Again if you can do so please get in touch with Christine. Clearly we will provide a full briefing.

This will be a great activity so please consider getting involved.

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