Using the site

The site is fully open and no password is needed.

We hope you enjoy using this site. This note gives a brief explanation of what can be found where.

The main sub-divisions of the site are labelled with the menu buttons running across the top. Some of these menus will have sub-menus allowing access to the content. If the tab has sub-menus, then the information will only be under these sub-menus. There is no information if you just click the tab itself.

The main exception to this is the “Society News” menu which will take you directly to the main site content which is in the form of a series of posts which can be selected directly.

On the right hand side of each page is a series of links as follows:-

  • Recent News This is generated by the site itself and gives direct links to the most recent stories under “Society News.”
  • Astronomy Society links and following three sections This is a series of links which take you directly to external astronomy sites which may be of interest to you.
  • Categories Choosing a category of interest will take you to the stories on the site marked with that category.
  • Search The search box allows you to search directly on the site using any term you wish.
  • Archives Each month the site will archive the stories for that month allowing you to access them by date. Having chosen your month you will see a calendar with the dates on which stories were published highlighted. Choose a date to see what was published that day.
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