Interesting Websites

Interesting websites

From Christine Ord :This website still has the video of the aurora taken by the ISS astronauts. But if you want to see it, take a look quickly as they add new articles every day. This site also has daily pictures of the sun and what happening there.

From David Brodey : Article about the recent finding of the CERN group about neutrinos travelling faster than the speed of light. Something which until now was thought to be impossible.

From Frank Bonner : October 8th this year has been designated ‘international observe the moon night’. Many groups around the world are having a get together to observe and learn about the moon. The following website gives lots of information about these events, and the moon in general. There is also a very nice moon calendar that can be downloaded.

From the Spanish group : This site plots all sorts of information about things astronomical. In particular Juan recommended it for finding out when the ISS crosses in front the moon. An interesting target for photographers. www.

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