Awayday 2011 September Report

Awayday – Christine Ord

We had a great time on the awayday this year again. The hotel had its third manager in 3 years and so I had to explain again what we wanted to do and ask about turning the lights off etc. The manager this year was very obliging and a little interested in Astronomy. 

Twenty people came this year, including a few who hadn’t been before. So it was very nice to be able to show people something they had never seen before. One of the things that was new to most people there was looking at the sun through a solar scope. Frank Bonner kindly lent us his Coronada solar scope to use during the day. He couldn’t be there himself, but the scope was a big hit. Most people had never seen our star in such detail and seen the amount of activity that goes on. Several of the hotel staff came out to take a look too.

The first night there was cloudy, which was a bit disappointing for one or two people who could only stay for one night, but it cleared quite late on (around 11:30 p.m) and we did get one of the scopes out and managed to see Jupiter and couple of other things. The second night was lovely, with many stars on view and the milky way quite prominent. We had 4 telescopes available and some binoculars, so everyone managed to see something of interest.

It was very good to see everyone taking part in the arranged activities and everyone seemed to enjoy the event. It is also a very pleasant place just to relax and take some time out, so for the people who came along just for the ride it was also an enjoyable event.

Here are a few of the pictures that people took. Thanks Sonia Ellis, Brian Flowers and David Ord for sending them in. I have many more and will set some up on the new website.

On the walk
After the walk
Met along the way
Group Dinner
Some of the telescopes
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